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Thoughts From The Throne -Vol 1 Issue 3

hello dear readers-

Ah, the day after Thanksgiving. An important day, to be sure, in the history of bathroom musings. There has been a long and fine history on the traditional after-Thanksgiving muse, thanks to the mixing of turkey and ham, stuffing and potato, pumpkin and pie. We celebrate gleefully those Americans that have boldly mused in years past.

1776, George Washington, after celebrating Thanksgiving, mused long and hard on this day. It is from these thoughtful musings, that he led our country into victorious battle against the British, and it is little surprise that he is known as the father of our country.

1939, Franklin D Roosevelt, long known as a very lengthy and thoughtful muser, was particularly so on this day. His accomplishments need no further accolades - need we say more on the US involvement in World War 2?

And the list goes on and on - many great men and women have done many great things after a healthy bout of musing. So dear readers, next time you're spending your time, reflect on those noble men and women who share with us such a fine history of musings. Muse proudly, and know, that when you muse, you muse in good company indeed.

Fare thee well, dear readers,and until next time - I can, you can, we all think on the can.

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