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Thoughts From The Throne -Vol 1 Issue 2

dear, dear readers-

Today's issue deals with a serious topic indeed. Constipation. Millions of people in this world go through life, day in and day out, all bound up and held back. The time has come, my brothers and sisters, to rise up from this tyranny that would keep you down - and free yourselves from the shackles that would bind! Seek release! Milk of Magnesia come cleanse me out!

If you will be FREE,
Fiber is key.
Otherwise the strain,
Could damage your brain.

Yes, the battle is old - the soldiers weary. But let's not forget that at the end of the road, there is relief. Muscle relaxing, toe numbing, steam rising relief. The kind that'll shake the stall next to you and have your co-workers fly out of there like a bat out of - well, you know.

Let's not wait until it's crucial - let's take action today. Going to work? Grab a cup of Metamucil. Working out? Wheat germ warms you right up. Having a drink with co-workers? Mineral oil is your friend.

Fare thee well, dear readers, and until next time - I can, you can, we all think on the can.

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