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Thoughts From The Throne -Vol 1 Issue 1

Hello dear friends and family,

Welcome to the first issue of Bathroom Musings - Thoughts From The Throne. You have the esteemed privilege of being the initial subscribers to our semi- quasi-daily/weekly/monthly eMagazine. To begin with, let's give a little introduction and history to what we are and what we do.

We are a literary creation, from the mind of Samantha Sham - created this day, November 8, 2001 as she was ... um... musing... in the bathroom. Our goal is to delve deep into the recesses of the human mind to answer the ageless questions: what do people think about while on the can? And even deeper yet: what does it all mean?

Why? Because the world needs peace and love. Because happiness does not have boundaries and joy should be shared. Because we're bored at our job of eight months and not learning anything new since our job has been cruelly yanked and transplanted to Salt Lake City, Utah and we don't feel like doing any more work than we have to. Because love is a many splendored thing. And mainly, because we can.

Here's our first glimpse into the human psyche - statistics show that in a public bathroom, the last stall is used by the least number of people, with the middle stalls being used the most frequent. Why is this, you ask yourself? Our editor has uncovered the answer! It's because the people in the last stall are usually... um... musing... and thus take a lot LONGER on the can. The longer someone occupies a space, the lesser the amount of people that can use it- or WANT to use it, after someone has been... um...musing.

Fare thee well, readers, until the next issue - I can, you can, we all think on the can.

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